Edinburgh Ghost Tours 

Edinburgh is widely regarded as one of the world’s most haunted cities. It has a deep and sinister past. 

We suggest you book a ghost tour in Edinburgh and set on a unique adventure where you can experience Edinburgh’s most horrific stories. 

Discover spooky locations where paranormal experiences await amid the city’s haunted past, such as the haunted castle and the underground vaults.

Find the details of the tours here and choose between the Edinburgh walking tour or the Underground Ghost Tour. 

Why Are Online Tickets Better? 

You can save a lot of time and money by purchasing tickets to the ghost tours online.

Since the Edinburgh ghost tour only accommodates 15- 20 guests per tour, tickets sell out quickly on any given day.

It becomes more difficult to obtain tickets, particularly on the weekends.

If you book the Edinburgh ghost tour tickets online, you can reserve tickets for any day and choose your preferred time slot in advance.

After the purchase, you will receive the tickets in your email. You don’t have to carry any printouts of tickets with you.

On the day of your visit, you can walk in and show the ticket on your smartphone to join the tour. 

Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour: Mysteries, Murder and Legends

On this guided dark side walking tour, explore the heinous histories of monsters, lunacy, and murder that cast a terrible shadow over the capital city. 

Discover the stories and settings of witch trials, pagan rituals, and executions, as well as local monsters from urban myth. 

Then go to the eerie Old Calton Burial Ground or Canongate Kirkyard Cemetery to read about body-snatching and some of the notorious interred.

A walking tour of Edinburgh’s murky past and present led by an experienced guide.

Explore the creepy cobblestone lanes of Edinburgh’s Old Town.

Climb Calton Hill, the location of witch trials and pagan rituals, for panoramic city views.

Learn about vampires, body-snatching, and other topics by visiting Canongate Kirkyard Cemetery or Old Calton Burial Ground.

Through the guide’s narration, you can learn about the grisly past of the capital.

Tour at a Glance

Starting time: 6.30 pm every day
Time duration: 2 hours 
Ticket Price: 
Adult ticket (14+ years): €24
Child ticket (upto 13 years): €46
Meeting Point and End Point:130 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1QS, UK

What to expect at Edinburgh Darkside Walking Tour

Your eerie experience begins in the twilight on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile in Old Town. 

Meet your local guide and prepare for a stroll through Edinburgh’s haunting history, where you will hear stories about murder, monsters, cannibals, and other anomalies. 

Cross your fingers that you will (or will not) encounter a spooky character at one of the upcoming venues.  

Firstly, travel through shadowed lanes and cobblestone streets to North Bridge and Calton Hill, where you will get panoramic city views and a dose of horrible history. 

Explore the structures situated high above the city and read about the horrific witch trials that took place here.

Calton Hill, a spiritual site for many, continues to hold pagan rites such as the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival.

After that, visit one of Edinburgh’s notable cemeteries. 

Visit the 17th-century Canongate Kirkyard graveyard or Old Calton Burial Ground, where David Hume is buried. 

Learn about his mythical agreement with the devil, as well as the history of Burke and Hare, body snatchers who profited by selling bodies to medical science.

Between pauses, hear more terrifying tales of execution, murder, torture, and hauntings. Your trip concludes with a visit to a local bar on the Royal Mile.

Pop inside for a drink to thaw your chilled soul (at your own expense). 

Royal Mile

Meet your guide on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile, the major road in the Old Town, and then head out on foot to begin your walking tour of the city’s shady side. 

Edinburgh is rife with strange activity, and inhabitants fearfully recount stories of murderers, vampires, monsters, and even cannibals to one another.

North Bridge

Follow your guide through dark courtyards and spooky alleys to hear terrifying tales of executions, murders, torture, ghosts, and witches. 

Then, before climbing Calton Hill, head to the North Bridge, which has a rich history.

Calton Hill

Feel the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end as your guide relates true stories of gore and gruesomeness, including stories of the witch trials that previously occurred here. 

Learn how the site is still utilized today for pagan rites like the Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival, and take in 360-degree views of the city skyline.

Old Calton Burial Ground

Then, travel to the Old Calton Burial Ground, one of Edinburgh’s most haunting cemeteries. 

Visit the majestic mausoleum that houses the final resting place of David Hume, who is reputed to have made a deal with the devil, and perhaps learn about the infamous body snatchers Burke and Hare.

Canongate Kirk

Alternatively, go to the Canongate Kirkyard graveyard, which dates back to the 17th century. 

This tour does not feature any produced gimmicks, monster masks, or made-up stories.

Edinburgh Old Town

After around two hours, the trip ends at a small pub near the Royal Mile. 

After this fascinating and intriguing tour, you may purchase a pint of beer or a dram of whisky to help chill your nerves.

While the trip typically includes the places & tales listed and lasts approximately two hours, your tour may vary based on what your guide thinks is best for your group. 

The independent guides who choose us to sell their tours have your best interests in mind.

Important Information

  • Confirmation will be sent after the reservation. 
  • Expert Guidance
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs
  • The tour is near public transportation
  • This Dark Side Tour is not wheelchair friendly. 
  • There can be no more than 20 participants in this tour or activity.

The World Famous Underground Ghost Tour

This nighttime walking tour of Edinburgh’s underground tunnels is the first to highlight Edinburgh’s eerie and sinister past, which is well-known for its dark past. 

Visit the haunted Greyfriars Kirkyard and tour the city’s underground vaults to learn about its secrets and spirits. 

It is a family-friendly evening tour where a guide dressed in a spooky costume leads your tour.

Discover Old Town’s hidden “wynds” (alleys) and shuts as you learn about their mysteries and horrors. 

See Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is reputed to be the most haunted graveyard in the world.

Explore the underground passageways of Edinburgh and learn about its 400-year past.

Hear ghost stories, murder and torture stories, and watch for inexplicable happenings.

Tour at a Glance

Starting time: 5 pm every day
Time duration: 90 minutes
Ticket Price: Starts from €20
Meeting Point: 124 High St, Edinburgh EH1 1QS, UK

What to expect at Underground Ghost Tour

Take in the wynds and shuts of the Old Town. See Edinburgh’s most haunted cemetery Investigate the Edinburgh Vaults beneath the city streets.

Meet your guide on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile early in the evening. 

Your tour will be made even more terrifying by your guide’s costume, which will have them costumed as one of the most notorious historical figures from the Scottish capital.

After that, venture out on foot to discover the undiscovered wynds and shuts that branch off of the Royal Mile.

Wander around the dimly lighted courtyards and pathways while your guide tells you about the area’s terrifying secrets and dark past. 

You will hear stories of the murders and crimes that used to be common there.

Proceed to Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is reputed to be the most haunted cemetery in the world. 

Stroll around the graveyard, taking in the tales of poltergeists, lost souls, and the renowned canine companion.

Finally, enter Edinburgh’s underground vaults by following your guide. 

Discover the 400-year history of the eerie subterranean rooms as you investigate them and listen to graphic tales of murder, torture, witchcraft, and mysterious happenings.

While strolling, watch for any odd happenings or sounds—many vault visitors have reported experiencing peculiar feelings and seeing odd things.

When it’s time, bid your guide farewell and reenter the Old Town streets, where your trip ends.

Important information

  • Children below 5 years are not allowed. 
  • Confirmation will be sent after reservation. 
  • Not suitable for wheelchairs
  • Service animals are allowed on this tour 
  • In close proximity to public transportation
  • Visitors should show up ten minutes before the tour.
  • This tour/activity allows a maximum of 30 passengers.

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